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Good Season for Selling Tractors

August 9th 2016

It has been a good season for selling tractors particularly after the shortages of last year. Sales to the North and Scotland have been particularly busy. The tractor below is wrapped ready to be shipped on a pallet to Shetland.

This is our most northerly tractor sale this year, it is not the first Quad Tractor to go to Shetland, but this is the first green one. The Quad 30 built by Ferrari will be very at home on the steep slopes and boggy ground, with its Kubota 26hp diesel engine, low centre of gravity and constant four wheel drive it will be well suited to its new environment and a very good friend to its new owner.



Here is another Quad 30 destined for high ground in the Snowdonia National Park. This tractor was ordered on special low profile wheels, this configuration gives the lowest possible centre of gravity and also wide tyres for soft conditions.